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Wize Analytics

Wize Analytics helps enterprises create business value with AI-driven analytics

Wize Analytics is a venture-backed startup that provides an AI-driven analytics platform for enterprises to automate deep/machine learning pipelines. It accelerates the development, deployment and governance of AI applications at scale, enabling data scientists to focus on delivering better, more accurate and more powerful solutions instead of spending their time on infrastructure.

Gain Real Value from AI

By combining the best-of-breed open source AI technology with the proprietary Wize Platform framework and world class data scientists, we offer AI in production and at scale, full model life cycle management and AI Governance.

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Productionizing AI at scale

It is only in production that AI adds clear and measurable value. Only by implementing AI across the enterprise and at scale, will organizations be competitive for the next decade. Wize Analytics standardizes processes and workflows across such areas as data ingestion, model training, -deployment, -monitoring, -life cycle management, and retraining.

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We strongly believe in the power of partnerships. We are engaging in partnerships with the leading consultants, technology providers and solution integrators to AI augment and AI enhance our partners’ offerings and value propositions towards their clients.

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